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Our objective is to provide our customers with a facility and the staff expertise to be either a single operation shop or a complete multi-function shop, utilizing several of our different departments and capabilities. We will help design your parts' gages and tooling if requested.

We always put quality first. We also understand that today's market requires quick turn-arounds and on-time deliveries as being crucial to our customers' success.


Blanchard and Surface Grinding

Our Blanchard grinders (rotary surface grinders) range from 20" diameter chucks to the world's largest rotary surface grinder with a 300" diameter chuck and up to 144" height under the wheel.

Tool room size Surface grinders (reciprocating) to 80" wide X 300" long.

We can process your material or supply all your material and most machining needs to save time for both you and your customers.

Blanchard-Surface Equip List


O.D./I.D. Grinding

We have OD machines with capacities from ¼" X ¾" long to 36" diameter X 168" long.

We do ID grinding of holes from 3/8" to 100".

This department is very versatile, utilizing our Chrome shop for building up worn diameters and our extensive Machine shop for tooling and fixturing needs.

OD/ID Equip List


Long Bar Centerless Grinding

Our centerless operation includes 10 machines with capacities from .125" to 10" diameter and up to 30' lengths. We can supply ground, polished, or special diameters not readily available from material suppliers. Using your material or turn-key, we can solve those hard to find material items. Close tolerances and super fine finishes are our specialty.

Bar Stock Conversions


Ground Stock

Ground & Polished Shafting

Precision Bar Stock

Metric, Millimeter Sizes

Alloys, Stainless Steel, Non-Ferrous, Plastics, Spring Steel

Chrome Rod & Tube

Any Diameter & Any Length

Architectural Finishes on Tubing & Pipe

Centerless Equip List



Our machining department has 9 CNC vertical machining centers with table sizes up to 48" X 120"; 3 VTLs capable of up to 100" diameter turning, boring or grinding; 2 horzontal machining centers with capacities of 60" X 40" X 28" and 4 lathes handling material up to 36" X 160".

Machine Shop Equipment List


Chrome and Nickel Plating

We do commercial & industrial hard chrome plating of brass, copper, titanium, nickel, cast iron, stainless, D-2 and A-2 steel. We have capacity to chrome parts up to 14' long X 23" O.D. and can remove chrome from parts. We also do brush nickel plating.

Chrome & Nickel Equipment List



Our state-of-the-art waterjet will cut any material up to 160" X 96" X 6" deep. The waterjet system is controlled by software developed specifically for waterjet operations to produce fast, accurate cuts. The waterjet can produce precise shapes from nearly any material to net or near-net dimensions without burrs, slag, delamination or heat-distortion. Waterjet systems routinely cut complex openings, patterns and contours from even hard-to-cut materials in shapes that are impossible to produce using traditional tools. Metals that can be cut include: alloys, aluminum, brass, kevlar, titanium, tungsten, copper, etc.

Waterjet Equipment List


Saw Blades

Superior Saw, a division of our company, has been making friction saw blades for the steel industry since 1990. In addition to manufacturing new blades, we can sharpen, anneal, stress-relief and repair damaged blades from 21" to 100" in diameter. Competitive prices and superior quality have brought us customers from all over the U. S. and parts of Europe. We have a staff of highly trained craftsmen to meet all saw blade needs.

Saw Equipment List


Gun Drilling & Deep Hole Drilling

Our gun drilling staff specialize in drilling straight, deep, accurate, close tolerance holes, ranging from .125" to 3" diameter and a depth of 72". We drill concentric, off-center or angle holes in any shape material, round bars, blocks, plates or castings in any material - alloy steels, tool steels, stainless, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, and more. We can handle any shape of casting or forgings. Our equipment includes Eldorado, Dehoff, Phillips, Drillmation, and Mollart. We have one of the largest selections of drill sizes in the country. Let us help you solve your difficult deep hole problems.

Trepanning and Ejector Drilling using BTA or STS tooling, covers hole diameters ranging from 1" to 4" to a depth of 60". These production systems allow for faster feed rates reducing cycle time for lower cost per hole. Alloy steels, cast iron, and aluminum alloys work well with these drilling methods.

We offer Hinge Drilling in hole sizes from .062" to .250" in aluminum, steel, or stainless. Extruded, forgings, or machined type, in prototype or production quantities in lengths up to 72". We have dozens of fixtures in stock to handle any style hinge. We can also fabricate fixtures to drill special styles or types.

Gun Drill Equipment List



Our honing operation utilizes Sunnen Honing machines as well as larger vertical and horizontal machines capable of cylinder and tube honing of bore diameters from .25" to 20" with lengths to 10 feet. We do heavy stock removal, to very tight tolerances and super finishes. We can handle prototypes as well as production quantities on all types of materials from steels to plastics.




Air Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders





Honing Equipment List




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